Easton Wheels

  • EC-90 SL carbon clincher
    front and rear

    EC-90 SL carbon clincher<br /> front and rear

    It took Easton composites design, engineering and testing to create the first no compromises carbon road clincher. The EC90SLc offers braking performance and durability on par with traditional aluminum clincher wheels, but with the reduced weight and enhanced stiffness that only a carbon rim can offer.

    Exclusive ThermaTec brake track treatment provides smooth, easily modulated braking power and reduces heat build-up under heavy braking. Easton composites engineers have created a 38mm deep carbon rim with superior impact resistance. Unlike other carbon clinchers, the entire EC- 90SLc rim is molded into its final shape in one process, ensuring superior strength. The EC90SLc is the only carbon clincher rim to survive tests in our laboratory for impact and fatigue resistance as well as our brake track torture test, handling temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Every EC90SLc is entirely hand-built and acoustically tuned in Easton’s own factory.

  • EC-90 Aero carbon clincher
    front and rear

    EC-90 Aero carbon clincher<br /> front and rear

    This is the ultimate, every-day aero wheel. The EC90 Aero is fast enough to win time trials, stable in windy triathlons and untouchable in long breakaways. This is the first and only zero compromise carbon fiber road clincher to feature wind-cheating aerodynamics. The EC90 Aero Clincher combines the unbeatable braking performance of Easton’s proprietary ThermaTec™ brake track (providing smooth, easily-modulated braking power) with a fiercely-fast 56-millimeter tall rim.

    In addition to the tall rim profile, EC90 Aero wheels feature a low spoke count (18-front; 20-rear) and hidden spoke nipples (tubular only) providing a significant, wind cheating advantage. Best of all these wheels offer dependable handling in a variety of conditions. Thanks to their depth and durability, the EC90 Aero has also become a favorite of cyclocross racers as well as classics veterans like George Hincapie (Team BMC Racing). Sealed R4 SL hubs with alloy axles, alloy freehubs and ceramic bearings round-out the package on these top-notch race wheels. Like every Easton wheel, the EC90 Aero is entirely hand built and acoustically tuned in Easton’s own factory.